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100% domestic production
Pusmak Makine has entered the sector in Kayseri’s district of Melihgazi and has adopted the principle of providing service to both the customers and the country’s industry with the consciousness of domestic capital and becoming a leader company in the sector and continues its success with the same consciousness and dedication for 7 years.

It is CE certified.
CE certification is a quality control system that checks the conformity of products offered to sale to certain standards and requirements. The products produced by Pusmak Makina have passed through all these legal controls and have been approved and have received CE certification. All products of Pusmak Makina continue to be manufactured in our company without sacrificing quality according to CE certificate.

In World Qualification
All the machines manufactured in Pusmak Makina are CE certified and produce with world quality standards by producing the best Polyurethane and Polyurea machines of Turkey and the world with production according to all quality standards.

8 Year Accumulation
Since its foundation, Pusmak Makina has continued to grow as a company that customers trust with hundreds references by contributing to the developing industry and understanding the customers without sacrificing quality and providing the best products and services.

Pre- and Post-Sales Support
As a company that has always served with a customer satisfaction understanding, Pusmak Machine always supports with the expert staff as much as all the after-sales needs from pre-sale machine selections in order to meet the needs of the customers in the best way. It will continue to be with customers before and after every sale.