Reactor İzocraft Polyurethane Machine

//Reactor İzocraft Polyurethane Machine

Reactor İzocraft Polyurethane Machine


Reactor İzocraft Polyurethane Machine

Polyurethane is a polymer composed of organic unit chain and is a flexible and rigid insulation material. Polyurethane machines are applied by spraying on the floor with high press and heat with a long hose support and the desired results are reached as soon as possible.

Reactor Izocraft Application Areas

Reactor İzocraft Polyurethane Foam machines can be used in many different application areas. Some of the application areas can be listed as follows.

Basic roofs and terraces in building insulation
Interior and exterior decoration
In water tanks, cold water tanks
In cold and hot conduction pipelines
Natural Gas Pipelines
In the pools and in the rain gutters
Reactor Izocraft Usage

In Reactor İzocraft Polyurethane Foam machines there are 1 isocyanate 2 and two component chemicals named polyol. 380 volt electricity is supplied and transferred to the machine with the help of transfer pump with 2 separate equipments and the machine heats this raw material by high pressure and then sprayed on the floor which will be applied with the help of pistol. Because it is sprayed with high pressure, even the smallest pores are filled in application area. After all the processes are completed, both quality and stylish appearance are achieved.

Reactor Izocraft

It is a professional foam machine and ideal for high-volume work.
Resistant to all weather conditions and high performance.
It is high pressure and all kinds of mold can be filled.
It is a light, long lasting and economical insulation system machine.
It is anti-bacterial and environmental friendly.
Both quality and stylish appearance are achieved.
Spare parts are supplied at our company.
3 years guarantee.
Reactor İzocraft Technical Specifications
Model: Reactor Izocraft
Working Type Max .: 380 wolt
Pressure Max .: 200 bar
Flow Max .: min / 20 kg
Weight: 250 kg
Hose Length Max .: 66 mt
Heating Power: 11000 woth
Hose Heating Power: 8000 woth