What is polyurea?

//What is polyurea?

What is polyurea?

What is Polyurea? What are Polyurea Properties? Application Area and How to Apply

Polyurea is a high performance insulating and coating material which is a mixture of isocyanate and polyamine, applied by spray method, has unlimited application thickness and can be applied on many surfaces with the latest technology.

Polyurea is a double component. There are three types of spray polyurea systems in Polyurea, which are more preferred and highly functional than other insulation systems. These are Aliphatic polyurea systems, Aromatic polyurea systems and Polyaspartic polyurea systems.

Polyurea Properties

  • It is a high technology insulation system that provides waterproofing and floor covering.
    It can be easily applied on all kinds of horizontal and vertical surfaces. Any probing that may occur in the field of application allows the solution to be recovered without pouring.
    If the polyurea is used in one piece, the joint does not form at all.
    It has high flexibility. It is an insulation system which is resistant to abrasion and does not crack or break.
    Color options are available.
    They are materials resistant to all kinds of acid and chemical formations.
    It cures very quickly.
    It does not contain solvent and catalyst. For this reason, there is no harm to human health.
    It can be applied at high temperature and humidity.
    Application is possible in a short time. For this reason, the application area is used within a few minutes.
    Polyurea Application Areas

Polyurea is the first choice of insulation options and it is frequently preferred nowadays because it can be applied easily and quickly in many different areas. At the beginning of usage areas, there are mostly terraces and roofs. In addition, it can be easily applied to a wide variety of areas such as water reservoirs, balconies, car parks, ship and boat surfaces, exterior walls, wet areas and pools.

How is Polyurea applied?

First of all, it is absolutely necessary to clean the surface of the area where the application is to be carried out before starting the application with the Polyurea machine. If there are potholes in the field, the polyurea should be applied after these areas are filled. Afterwards, the special machine and 2 component liquid polyurea material in the Polyurea mobile isolation vehicle are transported to the area to be applied by means of the heated hose and application is started until the solvent free epoxy primer application reaches to the desired thickness. Once all the processes are completed, the Polyurea application process is completed successfully.

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