What is polyurethane?

/What is polyurethane?

What is polyurethane?

What is Polyurethane? What are the features? Application Domains and how is it implemented?

Polyurethane products can also be said to produce at the same time. It looks like a tire, looks like a tire. It is a polymer composed of organic chain of units combined with polyurethane embossed connections and is a flexible, hard and durable insulation material. Polyurethane, a heat insulation material synthesized by German scientist Otto Bayer for the first time in 1937, is a preferred insulation material due to its ease of application and long life.

Properties of Polyurethane

Isolation system applied by spraying with high pressure. The application is implemented with the mobile system.
It is a flexible, rigid, rigid isolate material.
It is a durable and high performance insulation material.
There is low heat permeability.
It is very light and long lasting.
The thickness and measures are determined according to the area to be applied.
It is a quality insulation system with no joints.
Can be applied to large areas in a short time.
Economic insulation system is often preferred.
It is the most preferred insulation material due to its easy shape, paintability and ease of application.
Polyurethane materials are often preferred due to their antibacterial, heat, nourishment and resistance to all kinds of weather conditions as well as being environmentally friendly products.
Polyurethane Application Areas

Polyurethanes can easily be applied to the insulation of many different areas. Interior and exterior decorations are used in many different areas as well as applications in old and new buildings, pipeline insulation, cold weather storage insulation.

How is Polyurethane applied?

It is applied with high pressure polyurethane machine. It is a chemical derived from the chemical substance that is introduced into isocyanate and alcohol. It is sprayed with high pressure on the application area and is a good insulation material with its low heat transmittance which does not form a heat bridge with the spraying foam material’s strong coating success. When applied with high pressure, it fills the smallest pores and reacts in a short time because it is sprayed as liquid and expands and hardens. In a very short period of time, it overtakes its own volume and swells to form polyurethane foam.

It is a very good insulation system with no joints, flexible and durable. The application is carried out by the expert staff that has been trained by mobile system.

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